Ergotron Styleview SV40


Choose the StyleView medical cart that best meets your caregiving needs, style and workflow. Our market-leading StyleView carts include all the features that caregivers ask for, with all the open architecture and quality construction that IT departments require.


Effortlessly maneuver to the point

of need with ultra-smooth gliding


• Ergonomically accommodates the

widest height range of users when

sitting or standing.

• Offers effortless sit-stand height

adjustment using patented Constant

Force™ technology.

• Compact footprint fits in spaceconstrained areas

• Open-architecture design accommodates multiple configurations:

Closed notebooks with monitor,

CPU and monitor, thin clients,

tablets, all-in-one computers and

future hardware upgrades.

• Passes Ergotron’s 10,000-cycle

motion test, ensuring at least

five years of trouble-free height


• Supports comfortable typing with an

adjustable back-tilt keyboard tray.

• Tested and fully certified for patient,

caregiver and facility safety.



Lead Time

2-3 weeks


5 years


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